Become a Chatty Café Ambassador

Volunteer with us and get back a whole lot more than you give. Meet new people and help strengthen connections within your community. Offer a friendly space for anyone in your neighbourhood to come and have a chat! 

We call our volunteer ‘ambassadors’ because you will be representing the Chatty Café and be so highly valued by us. 

The role of a Chatty Café Ambassador is to help start conversations at designated ‘Chat & Natter’ tables in venues that are part of the scheme. 

The requirement would be to commit between 1-2 hours each week to sit at the table. You would be asked to wear a ‘Chat & Natter’ t-shirt so customers can clearly identify the table and come and have a chat, should they wish to. 

This would be perfect for someone looking for a relaxed volunteering role. No skills required, just the ability to enjoy having a chat! We would endeavour to match each volunteer with their closest venue, to minimise the amount of travel required. 

If this sounds like it might be of interest to you, please contact our Volunteer Project Manager, Abi Murray ( or call her directly: 07484 741 934.

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